SkyBitz Tank Monitoring provides remote monitoring and analytics for storing liquids and compressed gases in the petroleum, chemical, water and agriculture industries. Suppliers, distributors, and production managers optimize their operating efficiency with wireless tank monitoring.

SkyBitz is a leader in commercial telematics with businesses focused on providing rapidly deployable solutions for enterprise and local fleets, tank monitoring and petroleum logistics. SkyBitz’ end-to-end solutions can dramatically increase customer efficiencies, lower operating costs and unlock new capacity to generate revenue from their existing investment.

At SkyBitz, we understand our customers and what they need to do to be successful. We address their challenges with business and technical expertise, innovation and speed. And we stand with our customers as if their businesses were our own. We understand that your business is about more than moving containers, filling tanks or transporting fuel. It’s about fulfilling your commitments, giving your customers what they need, and taking care of your people.

As an innovator, SkyBitz was the first to bring a SaaS (solution as a service) model to the long-haul trailer tracking industry, making it easier and more cost effective for customers to have the data and analytics they require without the high overhead of hardware. SkyBitz was the first to launch a tracking solution specifically designed for intermodal chassis. And most recently, SkyBitz launched the only two-way global satellite communication and IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 certified tracking device for the oil and gas industry. On a daily basis, our customer success teams are focused on delivering meaningful and rapid ROI through comprehensive turnkey deployment services.

Thousands of commercial telematics customers trust SkyBitz to keep their businesses moving in the right direction. We’d like to help you too.


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