Marrel Corporation provides the US market with a wide range of hook lifts and a full support of services. Our headquarters are located in Rockford, Michigan. A nationwide dealer network provides local support to our customers.Marrel invented the hook lift in 1969 and introduced the concept in the US market. The wide range of Ampliroll Hook lift Systems offered by Marrel has built an unsurpassed reputation for reliability and for excellence in design.The quality and reliability of Marrel's products result from a thorough expertise in the areas of high-pressure hydraulics, industrial welding, assembly and paint.With its production capacity & equipment, Marrel is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic components distributed world wide and sold to major corporations.A complete range of services at the customer's disposal, including a Parts Department, Technical Assistance, and Training Services.Our staff represents 30+ years experience in Sales, Installation & Repairs to the hydraulic hook lift system. We have at our disposal a complete engineering department to provide technical data, drawings and support with special applications.Today the Marrel group assumes a leading position in America. Marrel is continuously developing its line of equipment, integrating the newest vehicle-related developments as well as logistics and maintenance technologies. Investing in development has enabled Marrel to remain the leading supplier of equipment to the industrial transportation industry across the nation.

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