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PTV. The Mind of Movement:
How do you direct the movement of thousands? Who keeps an overall eye on traffic? And how much CO2 should a good balance sheet show?

The PTV Group provides software and consulting services for transport, logistics and geo-marketing. Be it transport routes or sales structures, private or public transport - we plan and optimise everything which moves people and goods worldwide.

Our range of products and services includes Concepts & Solutions, Software & Services, Components and Data & Content. Customers in more than 100 countries such as Omnitracs Europe rely on our solutions. Our software tools enable private and public sector organisations to perform their everyday tasks in a highly efficient manner. And right at the forefront: our market-leading product lines such as PTV Map&Guide for transport route planning and the Vision Traffic Suite for traffic & transport planning and traffic simulation.

Scientific expertise is one of our particular strengths. We currently have over 600 employees worldwide crafting powerful and innovative solutions. Our head office, which is located in the technology region of Karlsruhe, Germany, has been the centre of development and innovation since the formation of our company in 1979.

PTV Group’s Logistics Software product suite covers functionalities to reach from strategic (site location), over tactical (how to best use resources in an e.g. multisite, multiuser, multi-vehicle and vehicle type environment), operational (cost calculation) to trip execution (connected navigation. Key to these products is that they take safety and compliance into account at all levels.

The technology used to build our products is also available to customers to add functionalities to their own products or services or to build derived products or services. These developer components are known under the brand name PTV xServer and used in amongst others TMS, FMS, Pay-as-you-drive, toll calculation and other high tech applications where location intelligence is of prime importance.

PTV xServer - Integrate geographic and logistic functions into your software!
With the PTV xServer we provide the technology behind the PTV products in the form of efficient software components. By integrating these components into your own applications or in your company network you are quickly and easily extending the range of functions you are offering. The PTV xServer are modular by design; this means you only need to licence the modules you actually need. Profit from our many years of experience in the fields of digital maps, geocoding, routing and trip optimization - with the PTV xServer.

PTV Navigator - Guided (Connected) Navigation
Our professional truck navigation solution gets drivers quickly and safely to their destination as the route is calculated specifically for their respective vehicle type. Route calculation includes truck attributes, truck-specific routing, truck restrictions, bridge clearances, hazardous goods restrictions, weight limitations, etc. Spare your drivers the detours and save time and money. Connect PTV Navigator truck to your company's system, using its product-specific API.