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Up to your elbows in fleet maintenance costs? The Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.™ - an Automatic Tire Inflation System - ATIS™ - is designed to take the worry out of tire maintenance. The ATIS™ is a simple design which can be installed on any type of trailer, including van, liquid tank, logger, flat bed, chassis, livestock, platform, drop frame, dump, deep drop, doubles, dry bulk, reefer, auto transporter, and military. The Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.™ adds life to your tires, increases fuel efficiency and safety, maximizes recap potential and keeps your trailers on the road delivering their loads on time. This translates into lower costs, fewer headaches, and higher profits. Remember, the system is AUTOMATIC.


This is the best product for the money that I have ever invested in. The payback on MTIS by PSI is less than a year and our tire program has dropped out of the top 5 maintenance expenses. If you are not running the PSI system you are throwing money away.